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In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about something that is really important — energy. At the end of this video, we’re giving away a $400 Jay Kordich Power Juicer Pro for one lucky winner who left a comment below the video last week. If you wanted to take the juicer with you for next week, leave a video response.

When was the last time you spring board up out of bed and you had massive amounts of energy? When was the last time that you go throughout your day effortlessly and accomplish tasks easily because you have this extra absorbent supply of energy? I’m going to show you how to get back into that condition in this week’s video.

So let’s get into this thing. What are 3 things you can do today to have more energy?

Tool # 1 Make an Amazing Juice Recipe

You could take it before a workout, before a run, before you do your yoga, your pilates, whatever it may be.

Looking at the pre-workout juice — very the energy drink that you need to be reaching for, you need to take note of this list. Prepare two cucumbers, one beet, one lemon, a small knuckle of ginger, two carrots, and a half of a red apple. You see, by these vegetables and fruits combined, you’re going to have so much phytonutrients. And this will serve as your super nutrient upload that will save you from whatever the day may bring at you.

If you like this recipe, check out below we have the recipe there as well, as well as more information about beets. Beets are loaded with nitrates which increase your nitric oxide production naturally in your body. They actually did a study on the beet juice. Athletes in the Olympics that took three liters of beet juice, from 60 minutes to 2 hours before the workout, actually had a 17 % increase in stamina.

Tool # 2 Get Some Good Sleep

One of the vitally most important things that you can do for your energy is to get some good sleep. And when you’re in bed, you can actually get the most amount of REM sleep. REM is the Rapid Eye Movement sleep that your body not only needs, but it loves. And when you get sleep that you love, your energy level for the next day will be going up to the roof. A lot of people sleep for 4 to 5 hours only and then they wake up feeling so groggy and unable to run in their optimum performance. So make sure you get your sleep.

Tool # 3 Make Sure You Are Hydrated

The third thing, which is simple and easy to fix is to make sure you’re hydrated. Hydration is key. I drink at least a gallon to a gallon and half of water a day, I make sure that it’s purified and that it comes from a really, really high source of water. So you want to make sure that you’re getting really, really good water.

Alright, so if you loved this video and the different recipes, I actually have an energy protocol in the JuicewithDrew system and you can get that whole entire system where we show you how to get better sleep, where we test your metabolic type, where we look at different markers in your life right now that will actually raise your health up on a holistic level.

I know many of you know this.

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When I applied this to my life I was able lose 25 pounds and finally get the body I always wanted.

Get your hands on the thing that I used to transform myself and over 500,000 others.


Always remember, we’re in this together…

Drew Canole



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