3 Intention Exercises that will Transform Your Manifestation Ability

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This video will show you 3 Intention Exercises that will Transform Your Manifestation Ability. Transcript below….

This video will show you three exercises for intention that will totally transform the way you go about using it. It’s going to help you to understand the energy basis of how to go in the direction of what you want to create in a more powerful way than you have ever used before. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you those three exercises that you can start applying today. They can allow you to use intention and a very powerful way. So this is about understanding what intention is. First off, explain this before this metaphor, but think of intention like the sail on a boat, so you’ve got like a boat that’s in the middle of the ocean and it’s windy, but there is no sale. So it’s just kind of going around with the waves.

It’s just kind of moving around, but the moment you give it a sale and you put it in a certain direction, it can then go. Our lives are very similar like many times. If we were to simply set more intentions in life, we would start to create from a much more powerful point. Now understand also that this whole process of manifestation has to do with how much we believe in ourselves and how empowered we feel. Now if we do not see a correlation between what we think and what we experience, that a lot of times that remains in the subconscious and that just remains to where we don’t think that we actually can influence what we experience in our life. However, the moment you start to set intentions, intentions can be considered outcomes that can be considered the will to do something, to will, to have something.

When you start to set intentions, you start to see your life going a different direction because you’re giving it direction. You’re giving it some type of focus, and a lot of what success has to do in life like to. In order to be successful, you simply have to have the ability to go in a certain direction and to focus. Because momentum is so powerful. So I’ve explained how we can apply intention before, but what I thought I would do is combined three different exercises that you can use that if you start to use will change everything for you. So the first exercise I want to share with you is something that I have shared before, but it’s just the most powerful one so I couldn’t not share at first I was like sure. The other two, which I haven’t shared as much, but this one is just one of the most powerful ones and it has to do with something called segment intending.

Now the segment intending is when we set intentions through different parts of our day and when we do that consistently, we start to develop momentum with it. Now think of it like this, let me explain it in a little bit of a new way that I haven’t explained it before. There is an electromagnetic energy field around our body. Now we have certain momentum’s of energy that correlate with certain activities that we do. So most of our life honestly, is ran by our subconscious, our subconscious mind. This is what neuroscience shows us and therefore many times we just go into autopilot. We’re not even aware of it, but we’re in the autopilot mind. So with that we are consistently thinking the same thoughts. Therefore, we are feeling the same emotions and we’re also doing the same actions. We are perpetuating that same level of identity. Therefore with the same intentions and creating the same things in our life.

Now when we think of things, there was an electromagnetic energy around her body. There’s a Toronto field around our heart and our head that’s going around our body at all times and this is what happens. We set certain intentions to certain parts of our days. That energy builds within our energy field and then even if it’s unconsciously, we go out into the world and we link up with situations that near back those intentions and those emotions. So if we want to start to powerfully affect our life, what we can start to do is this thing called segment intending, which will develop more momentum in our energy field towards that which we want. And also towards feeling the emotions of what we want to….

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This video is about 3 Intention Exercises that will Transform Your Manifestation Ability

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