3 Importance Skills You Need to be Successful in Career- Syed Ibrahim Saajid at StarTalks Bangladesh

Most of the students of our country have a dream to start their career in a reputed MNC. But the eligible criteria for a MNC differs from one to others. As consistency has a important role in any selection or for coming to the conclusion, most MNCs keep their eyes on your performance staring from the 10th standard up to your maximum qualification. Again some organizations require more than 50% marks in graduation with no blockages while some want more than 60% aggregate with all blockages cleared, if any. However, a general eligibility criteria for selection in MNC is given below:

Candidate must have at least minimum 60% marks in 10th standard.
Candidate must also have minimum 60% marks in 12th standard.finally,
Candidate must have minimum 60% marks in graduation.
No backlog will be allowed during his study.
More than one year gap in studies will not be allowed.

But those marks in 10th, 12th or graduation have a less weight in comparison with your performance in various tests which is essential to pass for being appointed in a MNC. A general list of interviews which most of the MNCs arranged to select a candidate is as follows:

Self introduction : In this round you have to introduce yourself telling about his own bio-data in detail.
General aptitude test : Some mixed questions are asked to know your problem solving abilities.
General discussion : A topic is selected by the interviewer among a group of candidates and they have to discuss among them about that. Anyone can support any sides of the topic but their logic to choose the same has to be authenticated.
Writing skills : Often they asked for writing an article on some given topic to test your writing skill.
Test of knowledge in computer : Sometimes they can ask for candidate’s knowledge in computer if it is applicable in their working role.
Technical or subject test : It is the main test where one will be tested on his subject.
HR Interview : In this round one will be tested for his team work capabilities, personality etc. and finally, in this round one will be decided whether he is selected or not.

According to the above and the data furnished by you, you may be refused by some MNCs. But try to search for other MNCs as their eligible criteria varies from one MNC to other one.

Also note that never feel upset as you work in a small organization. In any private company you may be kicked out to astry at any time if you can not fulfill their expectation and only your working experience can help you to perform well. When you will start your career in a large organization, but they have various working departments and your role will be limited in certain department. But in small & tiny scale organization one usually get enough scope to learn about lots of department due to lack of manpower there and such working experiences definitely help to perform more positively later to build a valued career.

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