3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas | EASY & QUICK

Hey guys,
In this video I will show you my 3 go to breakfast recipes.

Breakfast #1: Eggs & hummus toast
– Two slices of whole grain bread
– 2 eggs
– Hummus
– Pepper & salt
1. Toast your bread, once toasted, put hummus on both slices.
2. Heat up your pan with any type of oil/spray
3. Mix your eggs together and add pepper & salt to taste
4. When your pan is heated up, scramble your eggs
5. Put your scrambled eggs on top of your toast with hummus
6. Most importantly: enjoy!

Breakfast #2: Berry overnight oats
– Yoghurt (vegan/creek/plain)
– Rolled oats
– Fresh of frozen fruits: blackberries, cherries, blueberries

1. Put about 200 grams of yoghurt in a bowl, plastic container or mason jar
2. Add 20-60 grams of rolled oats, depending on your goal and calories you would like to consume
3. Mix oats and yoghurt together
4. Add fruit: 25 grams blackberries, 25 grams cherries, 50 grams blueberries
5. Mix everything together
6. Put in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy the next day!

Breakfast #3: Protein pancakes
– Protein pancake mix
– Cacao nibs
– Blueberries
– Honey or syrup

1. Follow the directions on your pancake mix
2. When the mixture is done, add about 5 grams of cacao nibs
3. Add 20 grams of blueberries
4. Heat up your pan with any type of oil/spray
5. Cook your pancakes on medium heat, 1-2 minutes per side
6. Add honey or syrup to taste
7. Enjoy!!

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