#29DAF Update

Hey Loves!

If you are doing the 29 Daily Affirmations in February Experience (#29DAF) with us, then this video is for you! Visit our Blog now for additional information: www.insidequalsoutside.tumblr.com

I just wanted to review how this #29DAF Experience works, so we are getting the most out of this process!

*What WE Do: Provide you with 29 Positive Affirmations for the month of February; 1 Affirmation per day this month (February Only)

-Exercises to help you practice the Affirmations. Check our blog for all weekly exercises! Each exercise helps you become more Aware, Conscious and Balanced in your Life!

-Inspirational & Educational Videos/Check-Ins to ensure you are getting the most out of this experience!

*What YOU Do: Join Us!
1. Say each Affirmation 3x/day (Morning, Afternoon
and Evening),
2. Believe the Affirmation (its okay if you don’t at first,
you’ve just uncovered a “conflicting belief!”)
3. Write down 3 ways the Affirmation manifested in
the day!
4. Interact with us via social media (Instagram,
Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat) using the
hashtag: #29DAF!

That’s it! Once you begin using the #29DAF, you are automatically entered to win a FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY at the end of the month!

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