2020 04 11 Saturday Morning Exercise Class (30 mins with light dumbbells)

Below is the routine followed for each circuit, which was in turn done 3 times. I used one set of light dumbbells throughout. Alternatively, you can have a heavy set of dumbbells too for some of the exercises, it’s up to you.
40 sec each exercise with 20 sec break:
(1) High Knees
(2) Dumbbell Deadlift to Overhead Press
(3) Renegade Rows (R+L) / Mountain Climber (R+L)
(4) Reverse Lunge (R+L) / 2 x Hammer Curls
(5) Burpees
(6) Squats (static hold DBs at shoulders)
(7) Front Plank
(8) Upright Mountain Climbers
(9) Kneeling Step-Ups/Downs with Dumbbells at side
(10) Kneeling, Alternating Shoulder Presses

Credit, Many thanks to The Body Coach TV for the above programme

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