10 proven ways to start your singing career. Talent Manager advice.

Hey guys! Thank you for watching my videos. I am a Talent Manager in LA and I LOVE to teaching new actors how to get on TV and in Films! www.secretsofahollywoodtalentmanager.com

In my videos I will tell you the the easiest ways to get a Talent Agent, meet Casting directors, get parts on TV and in movies, make money, become successful and maybe even become famous!

My clients have appeared on shows including Black-ish, Henry Danger, Walk The Prank, Animal Kingdom, Night Shift, Extant, Modern Family, American Horror Story and hundred of commercials for major brands including Justice, Sketchers, Target, Walmart, Taco Bell, Visa, Universal Studios, Shutterfly etc…

I love helping actors!

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Wendy Alane Wright

The Hollywood Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright teaches actors the inside secrets of Show Business. Wendy has written 7 books to help actors and singers break into show business. Her books can be purchased at Http://www.secretsofahollywoodtalentmanager.com
To SKYPE with Wendy directly about your career and get personalized guidance visit her coaching website Http://www.secretsofahollywoodtalentmanager.com
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Wendy is a talent manager in Los Angeles at WAW Entertainment. She is dedicated to helping newcomers break into show business. Wendy’s clients are working in film, tv, webisodes, theatre and commercials. For more helpful tips, read her blog BREAKING INTO SHOW BUSINESS: SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD TALENT MANAGER. Follow Wendy on Twitter @ WAW_Wendy or facebook WAWEntertainment

Learn the easiest ways to become an actor in movies and television! Learn how to get a Talent Agent, meet Casting directors, get parts on TV and in movies, make money, become successful and maybe even become famous!

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