10 minutes in the morning (full body workout)

yes i made dis… this video will save you time in tha morning because i cut out all of the unwanted talking lol… getting up early in tha morning and then working out for ten minutes in the morning is the most effective way to loose weight… make sure you watch what you eat also.

just a reminder:

1)warm up: jog in place moving both your arms and legs for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or do 30 jumping jack or both

2)lunges: make sure your knees does not pass your toes

3)calves: just raise your heel

4)abs: use ur ab to curl up and do not rock

5)face: helps you get rid of those double chin or prevent it

6)cool down: stretch at the end to let your body know that you are done working out so you wont get cramps.

**for better result, after school or work do 10 – 30 minutes of cardio, walking, dancing ect. to loose up to 2 pounds a week**

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