10 minute morning workout ~ Anti-Aging!

*Workout starts at 1:36*

I call this the “Shake and bake!” This mini workout was taught to me at a retreat in Thailand. I’ve modified it to be a anti-aging work out. In order for skin to be healthy, we need BLOOD FLOW!

It actually makes me laugh because I look like a Hawaiian tourist wearing crazy colorful clothes and heart shaped glasses on the beach. 😆

You start by having a huge glass of water and end the practice with thinking of what your grateful for that day. A year later, I still do this 10 minute warm up almost every morning when I wake up! Since doing this I have more energy, I’m sore less often, my skin doesn’t look as puffy in the morning, and I feel so much happier and abundant due to the gratitude practice at the end.

I recommend everyone doing this! You can even modify it to your liking and write down the moves on a piece of paper and post it where you will be doing the workout!



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