10 Minute Home Workout: Pulse Power Fitness Strength & Flexibility Training

The first four exercises in the Pulse Power Fitness – Daily Dozen Workout are in this video. http://goo.gl/BcC43 To learn more and get access to the rest of the exercises in this effective 10-minute training program, click here http://goo.gl/BcC43

Pulse Power fitness is a fast and effective targeted training program to keep your body strong, fit, flexible and injury-free.

Who can use the Pulse-Power workout?

This exercise routine is for you if you’re looking for solutions to improve your health and fitness with a quick and easy 10-minute daily training plan. A Pulse Power workout is perfect first thing in the morning, or as a warm-up before a more intense cardio or weight-training workout.

The targeted Pulse Power fitness training exercises are designed to improve your body awareness and increase your deep muscle support to improve posture, strength, and flexibility for better balance and body control.

Improve your whole-body health, look good and feel great with these twelve simple exercises that are easy to do at home, at the gym, or on the road if you travel.

This newly-released e-book is fully illustrated with easy to follow exercise descriptions for your at home workouts. Learn more about this e-book on the Centerworks Blog and get direct access to purchase your copy of Pulse Power: http://goo.gl/yBeJ7

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