10 MIN MOST SIMPLE ABS AND BUTT EXERCISES EVER 2017 | Morning ABS Workout @ home Tutorials

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A 10 min morning ABS AND BUTT exercise , no equipment’s needed top most workout to earn energy for your day !!!

This entire ab workout can be done on the floor without any equipment at all. It is going to cover all of the major functions of the ab muscles and incorporate other muscles of the core as well such as the obliques. The key is that you are going to move from one exercise to the next without resting. You earn one 30 second rest at the midpoint of the workout but that is it.

If you keep the exercises moving you never give your abs a chance to breathe, so to speak. You apply the intensity and then step on the gas throughout the rest of the workout. This allows the workout to stay difficult even if the individual ab exercises themselves are not the most challenging that you have performed.

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