10 Early Morning Workout Tips (Before Work/ School Morning Routine)

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Today you’ll learn how to get a quick and effective workout completed before work or school with these 10 killer tips. We’re all a little strapped for time, and sometimes by the time we’ve finished a full day of work/ school, we’re too exhausted or unmotivated to make it to the gym. Not to worry, morning workouts to the rescue!

The main key to making morning workouts part of your regimen is through proper planning and preparation…

Here are your tips:

1. Plan your exact workout routine the day prior.
2. Lay your gym clothes and shoes right beside your bed, packed up and ready to go. Gym clothes, towel, and everything you need post workout.
3. Lay out and prepare your breakfast ingredients before you go to sleep. Cut up fruit, pre-cook food, lay out all ingredients and cooking utensils.
4. Set an early alarm 15 minutes before you should actually wake-up (in case of snoozing).
5. Go to sleep earlier than you do on nights you’re not working out. The duration of your morning workout + travel should be how early you go to bed. 30 minute morning workout + 15 minute travel? Go to bed 45 minutes early.
6. Listen to music as soon as you wake-up to get you into the workout mindset
7. Skip breakfast before you workout. Don’t waste your time sitting around waiting to digest your breakfast before you get to the gym; also to prevent getting sick at the gym. Eat afterwards.
8. Drink a coffee/ pre-workout before you get to working out. You can also prepare this the night prior.
9. Properly warm-up before your workout. Your muscles are going to be most stiff and inflexible in the morning. Prevent early morning workout injury by taking some time to properly warm-up.
10. Use supersets and circuit training to complete your workouts quicker. Also avoid wasting time cruising Instagram. You won’t have much time in the morning, every minute counts, so make the most of the little time you have.

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