सूजी का इतना टेस्टी और आसान नाश्ता की आप रोज़ बनाकर खाएंगे /Breakfast Recipes /Suji Rolls /Easy Nasta

Hello Friend’s ….Aaj Main Aapko Quick & Easy Breakfast recipe..Suji Rolls..Batane wali hoon…Yeah Jitna Khane mein Tasty hai….Utna Banane mein …Asan Itna hai…ki aap isse roz banakar khayegein….It’s Healthy … and Specially Kid’s will Love to Eat it…..

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Breakfast Recipes /Suji Roll

1. Sooji /Rava (Semolina) thin – 1cup
2. Curd – 1/4cup
3. Black Pepper – 1/4ts
4. Salt to taste
5. Water – 1cup
6. Oi l- 1ts
7. Mustard seeds – 1/2ts
8. Cumin seeds – 1/2ts
9. Onion – 1
10. Green Chilli – 1
11. Turmuric – 1/4ts
12. Boil and mashed Potato – 4
13. Lemon juice -1/2
14. Corriander
15. Ghee (Clarified butter)
16. Cheese spread
17. Chaat Masala
18. Tomato sauce

Take a bowl add Sooji(Samolina) , Curd, Black pepper, Salt to taste and mix …then add Water and Make semi thick batter… cover and keep it for 15min at kitchen counter …

For Stuffing…
Take a kadhai add oil.. keep gas in low to medium flame.. add mustard seeds , Cumin seed, Onion, green chilli and fry tiii onion get soft… Then add salt to taste, Turmuric mix it… add Boil and Mash potatoes and mix it nicely.. for flavour add lemon juice , coriender and mix it… stuffing is ready..
After 15 min…add Corriander in Suji Batter and Mix it well….

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